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Dengan bangga team IT instaforex telah meluncurkan menu baru yang diberi nama Superior Forex Desk. Dengan paltform ini, seorang trader akan dimanjakan dengan berbagai kemudahan-kemudahan dalam melakukan transaksi, memodifikasi order dll. Silahkan coba dan rasakan keunggulan dari inovasi cerdas kami ini.

InstaForex offers its clients a new software product Superior Forex Desk. It is an order management tool that extends trading functionality of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Thanks to Superior Forex Desk, order setting became much more convenient and now it takes less time contributing to faster and more effective trading. The program’s interface was created as a compact trading panel that allows traders to set a deal size, trailing and stop losses as well as take profit orders.
Using Superior Forex Desk traders will have expanded possibilities of trading.
Every trader can use the Superior Forex Desk service for free.

The program’s setting and its broad functionality provide the company’s clients with the following benefits:

an opportunity to see current deals and their net-positions on a particular trading instrument;
advanced functions allow traders to delete all pending orders, close all positions or open deals in the opposite direction;

one-click opening of a deal with set parameters;
current market spreads;

hot buttons for such functions as saving of a template, setting of automatic tasks, etc;
an opportunity to open OCO-orders (OCO-order consists of a group of two or more parallel orders that are linked together);

move all or chosen orders into the breakeven zone;

lock the total position on a particular instrument or lock particular deals.[/sdf_text_block][/sdf_col][/sdf_hero]

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